The Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine was established at Bar-Ilan University, Israel in 2017 through the generosity of Dangoor Education and the Dangoor family of London.  Spearheading this vital project is Dr. David Dangoor, CBE, a pillar of the London Jewish community.

Under the able guidance and direction of Prof. Shulamit Michaeli, Vice President for Research, the Center has grown both in size and in scope of research. Currently there are close to 100 Bar-Ilan University researchers associated with the Center. Since its inception, the Center has been a source of interdisciplinary academic and scientific collaboration.  While the majority of the members come from the Life Sciences, Medicine, Biology and Chemistry, the Center also includes faculty from sociology, psychology, education and the humanities.

The cohesion among members in the Center, encouraged through the provision of “glue grants” for timely research and joint ventures, enables researchers to tackle issues from a multidisciplinary approach and effect real change across the entire field of personalized medicine. During Covid-19, for example, the Center provided incentive stipends for innovative research on the pandemic that ranged from new forms of chemical disinfectants to the social and psychological effects of the pandemic on pregnant women

The Dangoor Center encourages collaborative research with partners outside the university, as well. We have recently begun a combined research and clinical venture with Israel’s largest medical center, the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center. This collaboration, which unites the clinical setting of the hospital with the research laboratories of the university, will promote and advance such areas as microbiology, genetic manipulation and research in cancer and metabolisms.